Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi Everyone!!!

It’s autumn morning here in Connecticut, USA. Air is cool and crisp, leaves are changing their colours slowly. It’s really delightful to see the beautiful trees with green, orange and red leaves. I am writing this post and sipping my favourite ginger tea... perfect for the cool day like this.

It seems as if nature is painting its own canvas...well I am relaxing and enjoying the beauty of autumn because my current project for this week is done…and this time I tried my hand on stamping.

So I tell you how it all started…. I went to the local craft store to look for some stamps but could not find the designs that I was looking for. So I thought why not make some stamp on my own.
To start with, I first drew some sketches on paper.... then to turn those sketches into a reality, my eyes landed on potatoes and as usual my hands were ready with a knife this time… for a change :-).

So after slaying few potatoes(as per my hubby wasting potatoes;-)), I finally got few stamps ready and the rest of it followed easily. Why don't you have a look ...

Once my stamps were done, I painted acrylic paint on them as shown in below image.

Then I pressed it facing down on the place mat...

half way through...

Stamping part is done now.... place mat is looking good ...What do you say?

Then I cut some shapes out of a empty Coke can.... You guys must be thinking that this girl has something against these poor cans...

I glued them on the place mat as you can see it below image.

With little embellishment the work is done and ready for display...

This one is on paper and then I glued it on the cardboard box. As you can see, finally we have a place to keep all our remotes at one place and can hide them from my 1 year old...;-)

Hope you like it...

I would love to hear your comments and/or suggestions, since they work as fuel for me to get going to my next week's work...Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Sky is the limit for your creativity ..... Gurl you rock !!


  2. You are one talented lady !! Keep it up dear...

    Best Regards

  3. hey di >>>good work wots up for the cming week .....

    give us something out of the box ....i know u have so many ideas like that .....

    i am waiting ....again keep the good work going ...its great see all of this ...really delightful

    lov ya ....

    Cheers !!!!


  4. bhabhi u rocks ....but 1 baat batao chupke se apne ko girl bhi kah diya ......... :O)

  5. Nice!!!! Never thought Potatoes can be used so creatively to create art...always thought they can just add carbs to you diet :)....amazing...luv you post....

  6. Deepi, Its beautiful! Potato stamps! what a smart idea!!! and the wall hanging looks abs. gorgeous!

  7. I feel sorry for potatoes ;-)...on a contrary it's a wonderful work.

  8. I m again spellbound after looking at the above piece. Its very neat and creative.

  9. Very creative indeed..looks beautiful!

    US Masala

  10. Hi Dipi, Creativity of any form is as good as meditation, I am sure while you were absorbed creating those shapes on the potatoes there may have been few moments where you might have lost your being, your existance, even the concept of design, that's when there are moments of thoughtlessness - that's meditating. only subconscious mind orders hands to move knief and the conscious mind is out of existance. That's the magic of creativity - Keep it up.

  11. awesome work Deepika. love your creations...
    I used to do a lot of potato block printing for making gift wrapping papers.

  12. very creative and beautiful work eye cature very nice ly done
    ist time here ur work is suparb do visit my blog

  13. Lovely creations. I am really glad my blog hopping didn't go waste.