Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Puffy Paint

Hello Friends...I am sharing today a very easy project. I got Puffy Paint last summer for  my daughter's project. I guess, I have shared that one here on my blog, anyway today  I thought why not use it on a glass that was left behind after one of the picture frame broke. It's looking pretty neat on my bedside table. Here are some pictures...

  Puffy paint comes in my colors..I have used Acrylic paint for making stems. Don't know if that is a good choice or not. But I am really Happy with the Puffy paint, I am going  to try more of it.

Here one flower was messed up so I used Sponge to lift up the color and clean it with damp rag and start again, as puffy paint comes with a attached tip all I did was gently squeeze the bottle for even color flow.

For making flower, I moved from inner circle to outer circle and double coat of green acrylic color. Hope you will like it. Leave me a comment below about what else you want to know or see about this or any of my previous projects. And I will see you soon.

Have a Good Day!


  1. WOW it looks amazing. I once used puffy paint to make a mermaids hair , here is the link : Side step pop up card tutorial

  2. Very well done.. Missed your posts. Welcome back

  3. Thanks Vasudha, Somaya, Sonia for dropping by at my blog.

  4. Yellow flowers heralds the welcome song for spring, after a bitter cold. Refreshing and pleasant to eyes. Well done. Ram

  5. Hi Deepi... My first visit to your blog and I loved being here..

    The frame looks pretty on the table. Liked it a lot...

    1. I am glad you liked it...thanks for visiting

  6. Paper crafting, painting, embroidery, recyling,WOW!! Deepi you are extremely talented and creative. Keep creating.

    All the best.

  7. Such a cute, DIY, decor. Absolutely love it!

  8. oh wow!! the frame is lovely.. I loved how you've used puff paint.. impressive! :)