Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Monday

to all of you.Thank you so much for taking time and leaving nice comments on my previous post. Its a quiet Monday morning here... kids are at school and I am missing their noise today. Last week, was a rainy week which continued till today but now sun is playing hide and seek.  April shower bring May flowers . Hopefully flowers will be blooming soon. I like green indoor plants like this one Fittonia also known as White Anne.. really growing well. They need very little care...little bit of sunshine and watering but add lot of charm to the house. I will share others too in my coming post. 

My thread crocheting is growing little by little..making squares with different design and some simple granny squares. Don't know right now what I am going to do with these...I want to learn different pattern blocks. This collection will be growing for sure.

Trees and plants outside are growing greener day by day......soon it will be dense with with leaves like a thick green blanket. Morning breakfast with this growing outdoor view is a bliss to have.  

I am waitng for my Nasturtium to bloom. This is my first time planting them. Can't wait to see orange flowers to appear...hopefully soon.

And lastly, love making these granny square. I saw this Blanket here and loved  the colors so much that I decided to give it a try. Trying to finish all the blocks as quick as possible. I will see you soon with my new post soon. 

Bye now and enjoy your week
XX  Deepi


  1. eagerly waiting to see your colorful blocks.... and ur flowers

  2. HI !!!

    The granny squares looks colorful & bright. I am sure blanket is going to come together beautifully:)

    1. Hi Arul and Mousami..trying to finish it as quick as possible. Hopefully soon I will share the finished blanket.

  3. The plants, the green window, the blue mug... you are so much like me Deeps!!! I love love love those pics of your world...
    All the best for the new project...

  4. Thnx Aiswarya... good to know that you like them as well.

  5. Hope alls well Deepi... Long time no see in blogland!!! :)