Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drawstring bag

Hello dear friends!! I am back to my blogging world ….I haven’t posted in a long time …my apologies. I must admit …I was a bit lazy from last couple of weeks….result…..lot of pending work and no time for blogging….but now it all sorted and I am so glad to be back to catch up with my lovely blogger friends.

So how is summer fun going? Mine is going good so far. Miss sunshine’s school will be closed in few days. I have planned a lot of craft work for this summer holidays…as she love scissors, paper and glue. So we will be making a collage album together. Hopefully my plan will work and there will be less TV time this summer….have to keep them engaged for my sanity:)) enough of my talk now …its time to tell about today’s post. Well it’s a simple and useful drawstring bag… I made couple of them. I love making drawstring pouches as it is easy to make. I am sharing some clicks… hope you like it….

Have a great weekend everyone!!