Friday, April 27, 2012

A colorful painting

Hello dear friends ...just decided to make a quick post for this week.  I can't believe that May is here...time is flying real quick. Four months of this year gone already! Weather is turning little more warmer now... I enjoyed my time today making bubbles with my little one, while miss sunshine was at school. I love summer...its bright days and lazy afternoon and lots of fresh lemonade. Enough said about summer ..... I am sharing this project today that I finished a while ago. I love the bright array of colors used here. This work inspired by the Gujarat embroidery work...I tried painting  the design  because that kind of embroidery definitely  requires patience, hard work and time. I decided to paint it and added some sequins later. I love to add some mirror on it but I don't have any so I used sequin as an alternative. Its adding lot of color to my neutral colored are some clicks...tell me what you think...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colour Splash

I am so ready to show you, what I finished last weekend. I turned a plain place mat into a bright and colorful piece. Its easy to do as it requires simple hand sewing.  I bought a place mat from Ikea...loved its deep wine color and  that was the reason behind the purchase. As you know, the idea was to turn it into some thing colorful and festive. I picked the bright felt pieces that reminded me of  Holi . Design inspiration for this  patch work piece came from Suzani pillow work. I saw some lovely images on Google. I totally love the designs and the colors used in the embroidery.  Here is the link ...hope you will enjoy the gorgeous images as I do.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cute little bag

Creative recycling not only a wonderful thing but it very satisfying to see the end result. I love up-cycling  and that was the idea behind the small bag, I made for miss sunshine. I got my sewing machine last November  and to tell you the truth I don't know much about sewing. So this is my first practice project with my new sewing machine. I hope to get better at it in future...guess i need more research and practice. For this bag, I used gunny sack and old cotton dress of my daughter. I cut a square piece out of the gunny sack covered it with the cotton fabric and  added colorful flowers made out of felt scraps. Here are some pictures...hoping to improve my sewing skills for the new project.