Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Note

Dear Friends...Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Hope you all are having fun time with your loved ones. I am so thankful to my mother for teaching me love for creativity in life. It really makes my life so happy and beautiful. So thanks mummy for everything...and always inspiring me to learn new things...

Last year , I picked up crochet  and I  am hooked ...really enjoy doing it. I am learning new things everyday by watching videos on you tube...these are my new finished project. I am happy to share it with you.

All I want to say please try to take some time for yourself. Even if it is for 15-20 minutes, do something that you love and enjoy. And thank you all for encouraging me through your wonderful comments. It means a lot to me.
Thank you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Painting Cherry Blossom

Hello Friends...hope all is well at your end. Life at my side is getting more and more busy as the school year is close to ending. But I finally, sit down today to write this first post for May. I finished this painting couple of days ago. Beauty of cherry blossom and dogwood really captured my attention. I decided to paint it on canvas using acrylic color. I took some clicks that I am showing below. Hope you will enjoy them....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spell Of Spring

Spring is finally here...with dogwood blooming in the front yard, mornings are more beautiful ...I couldn't resist bringing some inside today. 

 I bought this beautiful printed gift wrapping paper and ended up framing it...I think it makes a happy picture...what do you think ?

and started a new embroidery project yesterday....its been a long time since I embroidered my daughter's fleece, you can see here. This time I am keeping it simple..scattered  bullion roses only. Looks like I am under the spell of Spring. See you soon and enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easy Crafting

 hello spring has finally arrived but its really unspring like here. I just came back after dropping my son to school and its Sooo cold outside. I am really waiting for mild sunny weather,  hope it will bless us soon. Time is really flying fast I don't know where my days are going. March is going to end in five days, it went so swiftly. I am so looking forward to this Summer...I am going to India for my summer vacation YIPEE. I am going to see my parents after three years.I am really excited about it... Ok now, coming back to the project now that I am sharing today. These are real easy one, this brown shredded paper came in the box as a protection cover with our online order. I really like the color so I turned it into a small wreath like it hangs on my closet door..I am brushing my crocheting skill these days (will share my new crochet project in next post) so I ended up adding crochet flower to it.

This cute letter monogram made by my is easy to make and is good fun project with kids. She is used beads and puffy paint to decorate. I painted the base with light blue acrylic paint with dark blue shading in between. Hope you will like these two easy peasy project. Have a good day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Painted Wooden Frames

 Hello Friends...looks like spring is here in North Carolina. We are blessed with lovely sunshine today.Clear sky, bright sunlight and warm 70 degree day,a perfect start for this week.Yesterday, while cleaning my closet, I found these wooden frames I got some time ago for my kids to paint. In fact, my son even doodled one of them with  the markers. But we never finished it. I thought why not paint them. I painted the base with the dark colors, added little black paint in red and green.I decided to paint white flowers as it is a good contrast to all. It was looking little plain after I finished the designs so added polka dots to it. I guess, they look nice together. Let me know what do you think!

See you soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hearty Meal

Hello friends ..I am writing my first post of March, can't believe how quickly February passed. Weather is cold and dry here. Hopefully, March will bring some comfort from this dreary weather. I noticed some daffodils blossoming in my neighborhood today. So I hope, Spring will arrive soon. When weather is cold, I turned to more hearty and warming dishes and preferably one pot meal. That 's what I am cooking more these days.  Hearty and healthy, I like making Dalia Pulav (Broken Wheat)  with lots of veggies. I prefer to add apple too with veggies for crunch. Here is the link to the video that you can see, hope you will like it.       

Broken Wheat with onion, garlic, tomatoes,carrot and  cabbage
 Kids loved it all goodies served in one bowl !

    And yummy Banana Bread for tea time....really good recipe from Martha Stewart's website. Here is the link 

Hope you will give it a try...I will be writing my next post soon! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paper Decor

Hello Friends... thanks for visiting my blog & Facebook page, I really appreciate it. Today, I am sharing this inexpensive decor idea that I saw on Pinterest. It's an easy project children will love it too. All you need is an old book or paper of your choice, a piece of a cardboard ( i cut mine in circle), and glue. It's  pretty simple, I folded the page in a cone shape and start gluing them on the cardboard circle one by one starting from the outer edge and then moving inward as you can see in pictures below...

 after my circle is almost covered with paper cones, I added a rolled paper rose(used a construction paper)  in the middle...

 and to compliment the blue flower I did some shading(using marker) on petals . Hope you will try it too. Here is a link to the Pinterest Board and Video you can watch!

Have a good day!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Peanut Butter Cookies

Hello Friends, hope you all are doing well...
Last Friday, on Valentine Day, I baked these yummy cookies with my kids. I am not much of a baker but doing something with kids is fun and that was the motivation. They love cookies and cakes like me. This year, I have decided to learn or try two new recipe every month.So I started looking for the easy recipe that will suit for the beginners like me.I have found this recipe on Martha Stewart  and there is a video too that you can watch on You tube. These cookies are really delicious and I ended up making two batches because first one really finished fast. My daughter decided to make the heart shape ones, to fit the occasion. She is learning fractions in school so she helped out in measuring the ingredients. Both of them, were busy making their own best and marking them so they can find their cookies. We had fun making cookies and doing it together was the best part of it. I don't have the pictures of the process of making but here is the link to video and recipe ..

Try it with your kids, you will have fun!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Cute Storage Bin

Hello Dear friends...hope you all are doing well. This year, part of my goal is to organize better and find ways to teach children the same. Its really frustrating when you are searching for things around the house and you can't find it. So I am trying to simplifying things and making designated spots for every thing these days. And where I am going to start first...obviously the kitchen. One of the biggest challenge is to store the plastic grocery bags. I need it all the time for small garbage bins. Earlier I was shoving them in a bigger bag...well not now because I have made a pretty spot for it. So now, as soon as grocery bags come inside the house I fold them and put them in this cute container I made. Once the container is full I just recycle the rest.That way I am not collecting too much. Here are few pictures how I made it ...  

                               I decided to recycle this tomato can...I just painted it and mod podge some flowers on it.

                               Then to cover the top I made a canopy with a construction paper...

                                and its done.

Hope you like the idea... tell me about your organizing ideas I would love to see them ...see you soon

Monday, January 13, 2014

Braided Scarf

Hi there...Hope this new year will bring health and happiness for everyone. So here I am bringing the first post of the month...soft cuddly braided scarf. Its easy and fun to make... all you need is a ball of pompom yarn and a little free time. Here are the pictures to explain...

   Step 1  line up your yarn divide them in equal parts....

 Step 2 Cut the ends and put a rubber band at one end and start braiding

Step 3 Tie up both ends with a yarn. You can add felt flowers or ribbon flowers to deck up

Here is the final look...since I am using pompom yarn you can hardly see the braid and it gives a fluffy look to this scarf

Hope you will like it..see you soon with another diy!