Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colourful Threads

You must be wondering why I put this picture to start this post....well this is what happened, it was a gloomy week to start with… gray sky and was raining every now and then. Just to put things in perspective, we have not seen sun from last couple of days...

So to kill the boredom, I made a cup of hot ginger tea and started my new project with lovely colourful threads. They were sitting in my embroidery kit from quite some time, so I thought its time to use them and let’s do some needle work…nah!!! my mind said instantly.... too much work...... well how about gluing the threads to the paper that doesn't sound like a lot of work. Well there is no harm in trying!!! Go on... do mind encouraged . So I picked up the yellow card stock paper in memory of bright sun and drew a picture of pretty roses with leaves and started my see what happened after that… simply scroll down!!!

I glue the thread to the paper little by little and my first red rose is ready...

So two flowers are done and one more to go....

Now its time to do the leaves....

TA-DA!!! picture is ready to be framed:-)

Isn't it look beautiful?

There is one more way to do it, simply stick the threads on a scotch tape.

A close up view...

So after making couple of circle shapes with threads, I glued it on a card stock and made this gift card holder.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Floral designs

While cleaning up my closet last week, I found this wooden shape purchased from our local dollar store long back. So as usual imagination took its flight and I was ready to draw with my pencil. After picking and rejecting few ideas, I finally settled for some floral pattern …which I used to draw in my school days. Drawing and colouring a design using lotus flower petals and leaves inside a geometrical shape…...was usually the assignment we get by our Art teacher at school. So I thought why not…...I sharpened the pencil draw some lotus and leaves painted it with the colour of my choice........Voila!!! and to my surprise got a Good Job sticker from my daughter :-)

After completing the floral design I was just wondering, what a difference colors can make, be it a painting on a piece of wood or human life...

A close-up view:

Another design...

This one is done on drawing paper with Acrylic paint...

After finishing the design I cut the shape and glued it to my daughter's old Frisbee :-)

A close-up view:

This one is done on drawing book...

A close-up view :
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paper Cutting

I often wonder about the power of imagination. Few drops of imagination transforms simple and ordinary things into something beautiful. Simple things that we use in our daily life takes different turn with the magic of Imagination. And what captured my attention this time is Paper......yes paper. Who doesn't remember tearing pages from a note book to make paper boats on a rainy day or making small flags or cutting paper just for fun? So this is what happened last week, my daughter was completely lost in her world... sitting on her bed with bunch of colourful construction papers and glitters to make some greeting cards. Looking her cutting different shapes of paper, fueled my fancy and I thought why not let's try some paper cutting. Things went well and I enjoyed it completely... here are some of my experiments…

Stage 1: I tried first on the greeting card paper ....drawing part was easy..

Stage 2:
Second part was cutting... not so easy....but love doing it.

Stage 3:

now... job done

Stage 4:

love the pink colour in the background.

close view

These designs are made on Construction paper.

I hope you like it...

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