Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Viva Mexico

Hello dear friends!.....Hope everything going well at your end. Here are some lovely images from the book( i talked before) Viva Mexico, the folk arts by George Ancona. Some images are not very sharp, sorry about that. I am totally in love with these wonderful hand embroidered dress. Filigreed gold necklace hang heavily on embroidered blouse and skirt. Amazing hand work isn't it?

Embroidered dress from Yucatan areas of Mexico.All the colorful flowers popping out from the white base dress.

carved wooden shapes painted with brilliant colors and the detail work is simply amazing  I love the blue base of this vase.

Swift and nimble fingers weaving colored stripes into a toy airplane. This picture reminded me of the straw work I have seen many times in Indian craft fairs.

 Papel Picado 

Mexican paper artist and crafts people spend many hours making something that will disappear in few seconds.A fiesta started with papel picado. Sheets of colored tissue paper with images stamped out on them string together across street, plazas, rooms. I liked the way they did the border of the designs in these images.Their paper art and the intricate details are amazing.

Hope you like this little glimpse of Mexican art and craft world.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy Dots

Hello dear friends...enjoying the Monday morning? Sun has finally come out, after much rain last night so I am happy today..hoping to enjoy a bright day. How was yours Mother's day? Mine went well....I called my some handmade goodies from Miss sunshine and lot of hugs &kisses from my little boy. I made brownies and enjoyed it with them.... memories of childhood kept flashing inside me. I am enjoying their age and talk... but they are growing so fast. Anyways, last week I made this crazy dot pattern on an empty bottle...I think its looking good with the paper flowers I made. I have seen some gorgeous painted bottles.... I guess on Color Caravan's face book page. I hope to paint some detailed work in near future. But right now I am fine with this one.

These flowers adding a fresh look to my computer table:))....Have a nice day !

Friday, May 4, 2012

Painted Canvas Tote

Hello dear friend !! Friday is here and I am enjoying it. Hope you are doing the same. These days I am reading a very nice book about the folk art of Mexico. I am totally mesmerized by the beautiful and colorful craft work they do. I am going to share the images in my next you can see what I am talking about.
Summer is here...  soon miss sunshine summer holidays will start ....I am planning to make summer break  fun for her with little learning. I am thinking about exploring the world of Origami.  I don't know much about it it will be fun to explore new craft with her. You tube is a great resource. They have some nice kid science projects as well....guess I will  be spending  my time there :)  I will be sharing our crafting adventures with you all  :))

Here I am sharing the images of the little makeover of a canvas bag  I made to gift someone. I got plain canvas bag from store ...painted a floral design and embroidered it with black thread and its done. It was simple and easy project. Hopefully, person receiving will like it ...fingers crossed. Well that's all from Deepi's World today... Have a nice weekend !!