Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Monday

to all of you.Thank you so much for taking time and leaving nice comments on my previous post. Its a quiet Monday morning here... kids are at school and I am missing their noise today. Last week, was a rainy week which continued till today but now sun is playing hide and seek.  April shower bring May flowers . Hopefully flowers will be blooming soon. I like green indoor plants like this one Fittonia also known as White Anne.. really growing well. They need very little care...little bit of sunshine and watering but add lot of charm to the house. I will share others too in my coming post. 

My thread crocheting is growing little by little..making squares with different design and some simple granny squares. Don't know right now what I am going to do with these...I want to learn different pattern blocks. This collection will be growing for sure.

Trees and plants outside are growing greener day by day......soon it will be dense with with leaves like a thick green blanket. Morning breakfast with this growing outdoor view is a bliss to have.  

I am waitng for my Nasturtium to bloom. This is my first time planting them. Can't wait to see orange flowers to appear...hopefully soon.

And lastly, love making these granny square. I saw this Blanket here and loved  the colors so much that I decided to give it a try. Trying to finish all the blocks as quick as possible. I will see you soon with my new post soon. 

Bye now and enjoy your week
XX  Deepi

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Cute Project

Hi Friends...hope you all are doing well. This quick and easy craft was made this evening and I decided to share with you. I saw strawberry pincushions on Pinterest, when I was making needle book for my sewing kit. I couldn't resist to make some for me. Yes...I am going to make bunch of them. These are easy to make and can be used in multiple ways. Attach them to hair ties or key chains or to decorate gift box sure will add charm to your projects. 


All you need is felt pieces, embroidery floss, sewing supplies and polyfill (very little needed) to stuff strawberry. You can see, how I made it in the picture above and here is the link to pinterest boards for more details.

Little, white french knots are looking pretty on red felt. I love this combination of red and white.

 Hope you will make these cuties too, Thanks for reading, See you soon with my next post.

XX  Deepi

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Long time back...

 I painted these small pots with warm colors and detailed indian motif..

today, I felt like changing I painted them white with uneven texture and  adorn with tiny flowers  ....

just a little dab of  blue, yellow and red....

the magic started against the white background...

 I am planning to plant some scculents it them... so a trip to the garden center this weekend... 

this one with bright red strawberry with polka dots ....its good to change things around...what do you think?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Time and Updates

Hello to all of you...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments on my previous post. Spring time is fun and I decked up my house last week with little touches of spring beauty....sweet little birdies are my all time favourite ...

 and some more in other corner of the house....

Pretty duct tape is finally put to use... covered the old baby wipe box and plastic container. I printed this image too...idea is to paint something similar but I am enjoying this for now.

Reading a mystery book " The Potted Gardener",  these days, picked it from my local library. I love my library(so thankful for it) and they have enormous collection of books. Doing little changes in my life style too, drinking more water and smoothies and cutting down on tea/coffee these days.... 

and here are the pictures of doily I shared in my previous post ...I had a hard time following the directions and I stopped it after a while. I guess, making a square shape is easier than the round one. More practice is what I need. I am pinning doily patterns these day on my pinterest board. Hopefully, I will be able to make them. It is a work of patience for sure... 

whipped up these last weekend and I am ready to switch to yarn crocheting. Thread crocheting is little difficult to me. That is the summing up of my week. Tell me what you are up to? Is there any new project you are doing or any new interests? Do share your thoughts!   

See you soon,  

XX  Deepi

Friday, March 20, 2015

Needle Book

Hello Dear Friends...Welcome to my blog. Today, I am going to share with you the latest additon to my sewing kit or should I say,a sewing purse kit! 

My daughter was no longer liking this cute little leapfrog purse, so I took it gladly and turned it into my sewing kit.Though everthing was neatly organized in it but, I was not happy with the way I was keeping my needles...  

not tidy at all, adding to this I was losing them too. Everytime, I used it, I told myself you better keep them nicely. 

 Finally, I took this project and made a cute little needle book. It didn't take me long to finish it because  I used my trusted glue gun....yeah I know very classy of me to make a needle book with glue gun. The only sewing I did is to attach to small felt rectangles to the bigger one (as in the picture below)  rest is covered with ribbon using hot glue gun. 

Now everything is under control and I don't have to waste my time searching for loose needles.

 Yipee!! one thing off from my checklist. So if you are storing your needles like I was, make yourself a cute little needle book. It is so much better this way!

That's all for this time, I will catch up with in my next post. Here is the link to  Pinterest Boards. Hope you'll enjoy the beauty of cute little needle books. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vintage Flowers



Hello Dear friends...Hope you all are doing well. We have been blessed with warm weather here from last couple of days and I am loving it. Well... that explains my absence here..enjoying lovely days and chirping of early birds between the daily chores. Though today has bought cloudy and gray sky with little chill in the air but weekend is going to be great as per weather reports. I have planned to clean up and do some gardening this weekend. I can't wait to see blooming garden this year. But for that I have to wait a little bit. House need some sprucing up too and cleaning as well. I love changing house decor a little bit as the season changes just to bring freshness in the surrounding. Do you like it too? As spring is just around the corner, this week, I was looking for some painting inspiration and stumbled upon a fabulous website called The graphics fairy.  I loved it. It has lot of free vintage clip art and free images, decor and project ideas as well. All the pictures above are from there, I have linked them as well just in case you guys are interested. Since Spring season is here I feel like picking up my brush, color and paint some pretty flowers this weekend. What are your plans? Do share!

See you soon here
XX  Deepi

Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy Weekend

 Hello you all are doing? Hope you all get some time to relax after Holi this weekend. Friday came so quick...isn't it? This week was like a blur for me...and I can imagine with Holi prep your lives must be very busy too. Today was bitterly cold here and I decided to snuggle in my bed with my laptop and write this post. March is here...spring will bring its beauty soon. This week, I went out to market... got the usual grocery stuff and some goodies (lot of things in cool spring colours.... so hard to resist them). Beautiful duct tape in the first picture compelled me to buy them...sure you will be seeing me  using them in my projects. I am getting ready for gardening some flower seeds for my backyard garden. My granny crochet pillow finally finished so I can now focus on my other ongoing project. Learning doilie making these days so I included that in the picture too. Tell me what you are up to? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Enjoy & Relax

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

White Beauty

Hello Friends....look what a wonderful surprise we got yesterday morning....I was thinking, we will get early spring this year, but looks like nature has planned something else...but no complaints to that. Actually, I don't mind little bit of snow like this. Kids were jumping with older one certainly missed snow since we moved to North Carolina from Connecticut. She was prepared in no time to get out of the house, had some playtime in snow filled patio and younger one tagged along.... 

And I enjoyed watching and clicking their pictures...

and got some extra time to finish my new crochet project...very simple granny squares. I hoarded a lot of yarn last summer, shopping clearance mostly ...its time to put them to good use...

this one is going to be a new cushion cover for my arm chair....picture of finished project will be coming soon..

you can see my color scheme is inspired by this cute birdie.... I love birds and flowers ...

ending this post now with this bright picture...Mr Sun is back and room is filled with cheerful light.  I am off to make a cup of ginger tea...perfect day for sipping tea and enjoying the golden sunlight ...see you soon dear friends... and thanks a lot for your sweet comments on previous post...

Enjoy your day!!