Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paper Decor

Hello Friends... thanks for visiting my blog & Facebook page, I really appreciate it. Today, I am sharing this inexpensive decor idea that I saw on Pinterest. It's an easy project children will love it too. All you need is an old book or paper of your choice, a piece of a cardboard ( i cut mine in circle), and glue. It's  pretty simple, I folded the page in a cone shape and start gluing them on the cardboard circle one by one starting from the outer edge and then moving inward as you can see in pictures below...

 after my circle is almost covered with paper cones, I added a rolled paper rose(used a construction paper)  in the middle...

 and to compliment the blue flower I did some shading(using marker) on petals . Hope you will try it too. Here is a link to the Pinterest Board and Video you can watch!

Have a good day!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Peanut Butter Cookies

Hello Friends, hope you all are doing well...
Last Friday, on Valentine Day, I baked these yummy cookies with my kids. I am not much of a baker but doing something with kids is fun and that was the motivation. They love cookies and cakes like me. This year, I have decided to learn or try two new recipe every month.So I started looking for the easy recipe that will suit for the beginners like me.I have found this recipe on Martha Stewart  and there is a video too that you can watch on You tube. These cookies are really delicious and I ended up making two batches because first one really finished fast. My daughter decided to make the heart shape ones, to fit the occasion. She is learning fractions in school so she helped out in measuring the ingredients. Both of them, were busy making their own best and marking them so they can find their cookies. We had fun making cookies and doing it together was the best part of it. I don't have the pictures of the process of making but here is the link to video and recipe ..

Try it with your kids, you will have fun!