Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something out of Nothing

Hello my friends,

It is Cricket WORLD CUP, WORLD CUP & WORLD CUP everywhere...OMG, I'm so happy to see Indian team playing in the finals...Good Luck for the finals to men in Blue....

I just can't believe that it's already Thursday and it’s time to publish my weekly post. I would like to ask all of you a question, is it just me or everyone experiencing that the time is flying…

I was working on this project since Monday, finally it’s done. This time I attempted to make something out of nothing....a thing which I was about to throw away but I didn’t. Thank God… I listened to the creative voice inside my head which said make something out of this. So this time I recycled the burlap bag that we got from grocery shopping and the end results have been captured by my trusted camera. I just cut the bag and made some place mats for my kitchen using some old t-shirt, cloth scraps, threads and little imagination. Please have a look and let me know your feedback or input...

A happy heart:))

A little birdie embroider with wool ...

this one made with little patchwork from old cloth scrap...

some kantha work ...

Have a great weekend eveyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little by Little

Hello Everyone…how you guys are doing? OMG it is Thursday night already…yaaahooo weekend is here…only one more day to go...tomorrow TGIF…eagerly waiting for the weekend so that I can plan the weekend my way… As I’m writing this, My dinner is cooked….miss sunshine is practicing her word list for tomorrow’s test and little one is playing with his tiny toy cars and hubby dear busy with his laptop…Since now all my stars are aligned, I get to spare sometime in writing this post.

Today I am sharing embroidery piece that I was working on for quiet sometime now…finally I finished it yesterday….and it is ready to be shared.

I would like to thank all my fellow blogger friends for their kind comments and encouragement...your words keep me going…
So Thank you all once again!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radhe Krishna

Hello friends …. I am writing this post while enjoying the bright and warm day here in Connecticut, which is quiet unusual for this time of the year (it’s only mid March). It’s Holi time… Holi, the festival of colors is in this weekend and I am very excited as it is the first big festival of the year for Hindus. I remember how eagerly, I used to wait for the festival season and Holi was my favorite one…. for many reasons. Well it’s a total fun festival and I enjoyed it so much as a kid… buying abeer gulal, filling pichkari with colored water and coloring people is still fresh in my memories and how can I forget eating yummy gujiyaas not only from my mom’s kitchen but from my neighbor’s kitchen too.. Well that was then, today I do enjoy the festival of colors Holi with abeer gulaal but making gujiyaas... is a daunting task for me so I have restricted my self to ladoos only.
Enough said on Holi, its time to tell you about my this week project…its inspired by cute little Ganesha doll I saw while surfing the web, so I thought of giving it a try and I choose to make Krishna and Radha and they turned out to be simply cute, at least in my opinion, what your say on this??? I tried documenting the process step by step; let me know if you have any questions….

Have a happy weekend and Happy Holi to all!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Felt Flowers

Hello my dear friends…. its time for posting my weekly project. This week I had some fun with felt. It all started with a trip to the US shopping temple (oh yes obviously I mean Wal-Mart) to buy something and but as always bought something else which was not even on my list…Ohh I’m sure this happens to most of us. So as usual I went to the crafting section to see what new goodies have arrived and my eyes landed on the felt packet and my mind goes…hmmm I can make some stuff with it…then I looked at my little sunshine she was wearing her black winter cap….so there I got the idea to personalize the winter hat.

I reached home and all charged up for the project and I told my miss sunshine that I am going to put her initial on this winter hat and glove with felt but she had something else in her mind instead. She wanted pretty flowers on them nothing else but flowers. My husband was listening to all this and he shared a funny story about his childhood days that I guess all of you out there can relate to.

The city of Calcutta and soccer goes hand in hand, if you are brought up in West Bengal you cannot keep yourself out of soccer, if you are a sports loving person. Cricket takes a second spot in this soccer loving state. So he was a soccer enthusiast like any other kid there. He wanted a new t-shirt for his game but couldn’t get one due to the limited resources so as it is said necessity is the mother of invention he turned his old t shirt new and personalized with his markers….but his bad luck… it rained that day and rain wiped off all the maker color leaving some faded patches. Now he looks back and laugh at it …but I guess all of us tried this in one way or another in good old childhood days…well that was past and now it’s time to see some pretty flowers:))

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Handmade Doll

Hello Everyone

Can’t believe…March has already begun and weather seems doing better now here in East Coast. I am enjoying the bright day today while writing this post. I am eagerly waiting for the summer, hope it will come soon. I can’t wait to pack all the heavy jackets, coats and boots but I still have to wait for a month or so. My miss sunshine is back to school after her week long vacation, house seems little quieter now. So I decided to write this post because my little one is napping after his lunch. In my previous post I promised to share with you the craft work I did with miss sunshine…

We made a sock doll/ cloth doll together. My mother made me one when I was little. I remember playing with it and asking my mother to make cute little dresses for my doll…. So I thought let’s make one for my little miss sunshine…. its like a perfect little project that I can do with her and I was right… the whole time she was curious and excited that how her doll going to look like ….well all I can say we enjoyed our time together…One important thing I would like to mention here is, Yes you can certainly buy these kind of stuffed toys from the stores but doing it yourself was a great experience and on top you are doing this with your loved ones…

I hope you will like it too and by the way she named her “Star light”. I have attempted to document the process, scroll down and see by your self.

Isn't she CUTE!

Have a great weekend everyone!!