Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something out of Nothing

Hello my friends,

It is Cricket WORLD CUP, WORLD CUP & WORLD CUP everywhere...OMG, I'm so happy to see Indian team playing in the finals...Good Luck for the finals to men in Blue....

I just can't believe that it's already Thursday and it’s time to publish my weekly post. I would like to ask all of you a question, is it just me or everyone experiencing that the time is flying…

I was working on this project since Monday, finally it’s done. This time I attempted to make something out of nothing....a thing which I was about to throw away but I didn’t. Thank God… I listened to the creative voice inside my head which said make something out of this. So this time I recycled the burlap bag that we got from grocery shopping and the end results have been captured by my trusted camera. I just cut the bag and made some place mats for my kitchen using some old t-shirt, cloth scraps, threads and little imagination. Please have a look and let me know your feedback or input...

A happy heart:))

A little birdie embroider with wool ...

this one made with little patchwork from old cloth scrap...

some kantha work ...

Have a great weekend eveyone!


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  2. Deepi .... that's a fantabulous idea to make use of the gunny sack. Cute placement mats

  3. That's a beautiful looking embroidery. Thanks for sharing with us such a decorative piece out of gunny bags.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Brilliant mats out of gunny are really very very creative, Thanks for sharing

  5. Lovely work... Love the kantha work...

  6. oh my!! what lovely work.. and an awesome idea!!...

    I’m passing on ‘The Stylish Blogger’ award to you…. Hoping you will accept it… and pass it on… Thanks

  7. wow,great idea.I looooove it!!!!!

  8. this is really awesome Deepika.very gud use of grocery sack and the designs are so cute and neat. And don't worry you r not the only one i always have that time flying concern.

  9. What a great idea for placemats! And even better so because you recycled something! :) You're lucky your rice comes in burlap bags...ours just comes in plastic - can't do anything with that!

  10. Visited your blog from key bunch!Lovely work!
    I think some telepathy is there btw us.I am doing the same with my basmathi rice gunny bags.I tried to cross stitch, but the wholes are not uniform so inculded other embroidery work.