Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vacation time!!

Hello Everyone !

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Holiday season has just started and I am so ready to take a break …my bags are packed and I am going to India for a vacation…so see you all after a while… have a great holiday season!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Sketchbook

I can’t believe it! We are almost approaching towards the end of November and soon will be saying adieu to 2010.Well to tell you the truth I am not a big fan of this time of the year for the obvious reason. November has approached with its chilly winds, grey skies and the clouds that play hide and seek with the sun almost every other day. Beauty of the colorful leaves is gone with the wind and bare trees adding nothing but dullness to the atmosphere. My patio that has seen the greenery and blooms is now covered with the dry leaves:((

To cheer up myself on one such gloomy day I thought lets do something that will make me feel better, so with a cup of ginger tea in my one hand, I opted to open my sketch book and started doodling something (this is my long time habit I love to doodle and sketch in my free time)…well after a while I was really feeling uplifted and happy.

It was a lesson learned: if you are feeling bored or dull, then do something that you really love doing… trust me it vanishes all your boredom.

I am sharing some pages of my sketch book with you, my blogger friends. I hope you like it…

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy Craft Ideas

Hello Everyone …today I am sharing with you some simple craftwork that I did with my daughter. My six year old loves paper craft… so we decided to make a cute flower hanging for her room using construction paper…it is super easy and she enjoyed it a lot…just few flower shapes cut and glued to a thread …simply sweet!

For this one we used beads and pompoms... easy and colourful!

This one is made with metal shapes I got from a craft kit if you don’t have them... don’t worry! it can be easily replaced with cardboard…with little paint and glitters it’s looking shiny and beautiful!

Hope you like it...Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diwali ki Subhkamnaye

Hello everyone …Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May the festival of lights bring happiness, health and wealth to you and your family.

Today I am sharing with you some pictures of my diwali preparation. Below is the picture of aipans I made this time...

This is a decorative plate I made with some pipe cleaners...

Added some tealights to it...

This is traditional pooja thali ...diyas made with dough... I added some pompoms and circled some silver pipecleaners to make it look sparkly:)

Have a happy weekend and a very Happy Diwali once again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Festival time-2

Who does not love festival season? Festivals bring the feeling of joy and warmth… a sudden sense of happiness and freshness come with them. Diwali, the festival of lights not only brightens our houses but illuminates our hearts also. Festivals always pushed me back to the childhood memories… of wearing new clothes, visiting friends& family, enjoying delicious meals and eating yummy sweets without counting :))

I remember how the houses were beautifully adorned with lights, flowers and rangolis on Diwali. I recollect my mother busy cleaning up the house, polishing brass lamps,buying new clay figurine of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha…decorating the door steps with aipans, lighting clay diyas and hanging new bandanwaar on the entrance door…so keeping up with the tradition I made a bandanwaar for my home and planning to do some aipans too which I will post later...but for now I am sharing my new bandanwaar idea. Hope you will like it.

First I cut some cardboard shapes…

Then I made some strings with the party streamers by twisting them as you can see in the picture…

Then I glued them on the cardboard shapes.

Then I made some roses with streamer and glued it to the finished shapes...

Braided some more streamers...

Glued the finished shape to the braid...

it's ready now...

can be used for wall decoration...

Your comments and/or suggestions are welcome here. Have a happy weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

~ Guest Corner ~

Hello everyone … festival season has already started... Festival of lights, Diwali is just around the corner so I thought how about some beautiful, easy and inexpensive craft ideas for home d├ęcor. Simple things with little this and that can freshen up your home and make your home look charming and festive…believe me… all you need is little imagination. Today I am sharing with you the simple craft ideas from my friend and fellow blogger Satrupa, who not only cooks well but writes well also and to see her photography talent you must visit her lovely blog Food For Thought.

I love her idea of creating easy craft with the material easily available in our homes and can be enjoyed with kids too. So here are some simple and beautiful ways to dress up old candle holders for this festival season... using the gunny sack of rice bag, some potpourri and dry flowers and leaves.

See what a difference little jute scrap and flower make to a simple candle holder...

Aren't these candles look beautiful ?

Cozy corner of her living room brightened with dressed up candle holders.

Please feel free to give ideas and /or comments. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Festival Time

So the festival season is here with its warmth, joy and light. I still remember my childhood days when I used to wait for the festival season like anything…and why not festival means joy, celebration, new clothes and yummy dishes not only from mummy’s kitchen but from neighbors also…and visiting market places on Papa’s humara bajaj and bring goodies to decorate home.

Now after all these years, I still have those memories fresh in my heart and sometimes I wish, I can rewind and go back to my childhood days. So keeping up with the festival spirit, I have decided to decorate a simple candle holder with the festive colors.

Scroll down and see...

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

*~* Maa Durga *~*

** Om Jayanti Mangala kali bhadra kali kapalini
Durga shama shiva dhatri swaha swadha namostutae **

Her presence bequeaths power, her grandeur unparallel; her beauty captivates the heart to the core, her glimpse eliminates the evil and with her arrival festival season begins. Such is the splendor of Maa Durga... and the festival of Navaratri lifts up the spirit of joy inside us. There are lots of memories associated with Durga Pooja, the celebrations, sound of drums and aarti, happy faces all around, bright lights, but what has always took my breath away… is the magnificent statue of Maa Durga.

As festival season has started …I have decided to decorate my blog with festive colors too…and what could be better than attempting to paint Maa Durga... below is my humble attempt.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Durga Pooja.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glass Painting

So he did it again …he climbed up on the chair… used his tiny hands and my fragile picture frame is gone and all I am left with... a glass sheet. Yeah… my little 16 month old has found his new love …climbing and jumping… on tables, chairs, sofa and bed. Toys have lost their charm in his eyes and and his mission is to get those thing that his mommy keeps far away from his tiny hands :D… Mommies out there you know what I am talking about.

It was a fine morning and I was so much into clean the house mode. I moved the chair to the side and did the vacuum and there he was watching me with a grin as if saying “You don’t know what you are doing mommy dear” and that same moment my mind instructed me to move the chair from that spot and put it somewhere else but I did not listen and His Highness got his chance.

Then followed … Thank God nothing bad happened to him, next came the guilt that I should have paid attention and the Gyan by hubby dear “Everything Happens for a Reason… may be you can do something with it for your blog”

Hmm…well not a bad idea I thought ... got some glass paint still left from my last India trip. I opened the box… checked the colors, they were fine but the black liner was dried up. So it clicked to me why not use permanent marker to draw and I was all set for this week project. After drawing and coloring all I can say “All’s Well That Ends Well” …Scroll down and take a look.

design made with permanent marker...

then comes the colouring part...

colouring finished... outlined the design with permanent marker again...

Finished piece with yellow construction paper on the back side ...

Same painting with different background this time wrinkled foil sheet...

Your comments and/or suggestions are welcomed here. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a happy weekend.