Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glass Painting

So he did it again …he climbed up on the chair… used his tiny hands and my fragile picture frame is gone and all I am left with... a glass sheet. Yeah… my little 16 month old has found his new love …climbing and jumping… on tables, chairs, sofa and bed. Toys have lost their charm in his eyes and and his mission is to get those thing that his mommy keeps far away from his tiny hands :D… Mommies out there you know what I am talking about.

It was a fine morning and I was so much into clean the house mode. I moved the chair to the side and did the vacuum and there he was watching me with a grin as if saying “You don’t know what you are doing mommy dear” and that same moment my mind instructed me to move the chair from that spot and put it somewhere else but I did not listen and His Highness got his chance.

Then followed … Thank God nothing bad happened to him, next came the guilt that I should have paid attention and the Gyan by hubby dear “Everything Happens for a Reason… may be you can do something with it for your blog”

Hmm…well not a bad idea I thought ... got some glass paint still left from my last India trip. I opened the box… checked the colors, they were fine but the black liner was dried up. So it clicked to me why not use permanent marker to draw and I was all set for this week project. After drawing and coloring all I can say “All’s Well That Ends Well” …Scroll down and take a look.

design made with permanent marker...

then comes the colouring part...

colouring finished... outlined the design with permanent marker again...

Finished piece with yellow construction paper on the back side ...

Same painting with different background this time wrinkled foil sheet...

Your comments and/or suggestions are welcomed here. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a happy weekend.


  1. Wow amazing work..I really love the second one !!

    Best Regards

  2. Loved reading the write up ... I can very well imagine what he's up to these days :)
    The glass painting once again makes me go ga ga ....... love the second click.


  3. Dear Deepika,I too used to do a lot of glass painting when I got newly wed....but after my baby was born everything has become a history...good to see that you are able to continue your love for art with the little angel...those are wonderful......I loved the Glass painting on glass most....Keep it up....You are an inspiration...

  4. Hi Deepika,

    Lovely paintings..i loved the work on the glass..i also paint..but you are amazing..


  5. Woww awesome work, thanks for very much interested in cute gladd paintings..

  6. Simple but very very imaginative. If we have a vision we can fill the colours in life which at moments seems looks dull and morose. RAM

  7. Awesome work as usual,I am really amazed at your consistency to do gr8 work,as well as posting it every Thursday,hats off...Keep up the good work:)

  8. Both the art pieces are beautiful and well done specially second one inspires me more as I can follow that one on my single left over glass from the set. Per my imagination of him, I guess your little one also wanted to say with that naughty eyes and sweet grin "Hey, mom be ready for a big clean up or second vacuum round".

  9. Deepika if that is waht you make with the broken piece then please let the little one enjoy her time (carefully though).
    beautiful the version with crinkled foil more.

  10. Beautiful work Deepika. I like the one on the glass

  11. beautiful work of art...

  12. nice work
    keep up with art.
    cha cha,

  13. Thats lovely! I havent left my glass windows and table tops about you!

  14. very beautiful piece of art good job for yr son.

  15. Superb painting and a wonderful space

  16. Thank You Everyone !!..for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.

  17. Deepi a kind req, pls post us the materials required to make the painting/ craft,especially the paint u use for will be very useful for the beginners like us :)