Thursday, September 16, 2010

To Sona...from Maa

This week, one fine morning my daughter reminded me of Wednesday to be her gym day in her school...That rang the bell in my mind...OMG tomorrow is Thursday and it is time to publish my post...I was perplexed on what to post this time, lots of ideas were going through my mind...

Finally I decided to write something on my sweetest little girl who will be turning 6 in next few weeks. I hope you will enjoy this...

They wrapped her in a blanket with pink and blue stripe
They called her a munchkin; my heart said she’s mine

Like a sweet rose bud with beauty folded deep
My heart melted as I saw her and tears slowly sneaked

I hold her tight and put close to my heart
She opened her eyes with twinkling star

I called her with the sweetest names, till I lost their count
And sang her the merry tunes as the sun went down

She was my doll, the best one I ever had
I changed and dressed her many times without any fret

I cheered for the tiny tooth that brightened her smile
My eyes closed with fear when she took her first ride

I played hide and seek with her on sunny afternoons
She always said I am in a closet Maa, come and find me soon

I waited with a pounding heart to pick her from school
She came with smiles and hugs and said it’s all cool

I can’t believe there will be six candles on her cake
It still feels like yesterday, when she was in my arms wide awake.


  1. Beautifully expressed!! Happy birthday to Sona :)

  2. Wow what a beautiful poetry..Happy Birthday to your sweet,li'l darling.May God bless her !!

    Best regards

  3. This is the best gift for Diya ...... she will cherish it for times to come ! Very well written ..... straight from a mother's heart.

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  5. Yea Deepika, I will also say that this is the best gift for your daughter....The poem is wonderful..I just felt you are speaking of me and my daughter....children are just like that...they grow so fast that it felt like they grew with in a blink move...Happy birthday your darling ......I wish she should be blessed with all the happiness of the earth...

  6. Deepika, she's adorable. Many many happy wishes for her birthday!!

    Motherhood is quite a journey, isn't it? :)

  7. Hi Deepika,

    Your daughter is so sweet...a beautiful poem...


  8. O, how sweet and beautiful...your words and your precious little girl!

  9. you exhalted me from a lady to maa, you knocked the doors of hospital room and I realized, I was just re-born. you made me forgot all lullabis I heard and remembered, with that purest of look when I hold you first. u r not just my blood,but the soul. oh, angel my kindergarten looks n days r back. {Hi, dipi, I am sure this is what you may be thinking when you saw her first. I remembered naming her Mrigakshi ( the one with an eye of a deer)nice words you are inspiring me to be serious about my blog}- Kandarp

  10. hey Deepika..very beautiful poem..your li'l girl is gonna feel very special reading this when she grows up. Loved ur blog. Ur craft is fresh. Keep it coming!!!

  11. Very touching poetry Deepika and not to forget the simple feelings expressed so beautifully.
    I too agree this one is going to be the best gift for your little doll.

  12. Nicely summarized/put words into the poem, all your experience from the day she was born and till date…
    You are full of talent…Gr8 work!!!
    Keep posting.

  13. You got me in tears reading those words... literally! I have a 3 year old daughter myself and could relate to every word you have written..
    First time here n am just loving your space..will be here often .

    US Masala

  14. nice poem Deepika....couldn't describe better the feelings of a mom....brilliant.

  15. Thank you every one for dropping by and leaving your good wishes.

  16. What's next dipi ?? I have become lazy so looking for more doses of inspiration from your works. - Kandarp