Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paper Flower 4

Hello dear friends.... aren't these peachy family of roses pretty? I love the softness of the color and how the delicate petals brings the darker hues in the middle. This is my last flower post for the month of March. I am getting addicted to flower making and spending more time on Pinterest. It's amazing to see so much creative talent out there. These roses made with coffee filter...I colored them in very light shade of orange. The small roses are made with 12 small circles and bigger ones with 20. You can use crepe paper too.... that will look wonderful too. Here are the pictures I took while making it. In April, I will be sharing some of my sewing projects.Hope you all have wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paper Flowers 3

Hello dear friends! Hope you are enjoying the beauty of the changed season. I am just loving it. Since flowers are blooming outside i have decided  to make all my this month posts to be the flowery one.Today I have come up with another form of making flowers using tissue paper. I have seen tissue paper pompoms so much  over the web I made some for my daughter's bed room ...she loved it and enjoyed making them too. Here I am sharing the pictures of  tissue paper flowers we made yesterday. They are fun to make and add lot of colors to the room. Tissue papers comes in different colors. I picked warmer shades for my flowers Hope you have fun making them too.       

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paper Flower 2

 Hello dear readers I said in my previous post March is going to be the flowery one in my blog. So here comes the another project I did using paper flowers. Its real simple!...and you don't need much supplies for it. I have used construction paper and cardboard to construct it. I made a flower hanger keeping Om as a center. Om is written with golden acrylic paint and later attached to the flower base.Here is the link for variety of paper roses you can make. Hope this will be useful for your creative projects.

i used gunny sack to cover up the cardboard circle

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coffee Filter Flowers

Hello Dear Readers!! Are you feeling the change around you? I certainly do. Spring  has come with its warm air, bright and clear days. I can see the curly new leaves on the trees and flowers started blooming as well. Springs comes with lot of charm and fresh energy. I can't wait to pack my woolens back in the boxes. So keeping the spring theme in my mind, I have decided to make all my March posts, to be flower related. So there will be flower explosion in Deepi's World for sure.

 Today's post is about coffee filter flowers. I have captured the process in pictures. For each flower you will need one coffee filter. I have soaked the six coffee filter in pink colored water ( by adding very little pink watercolor in about half cup water). It will quickly absorb the water then you can spread them on plastic sheet for drying. Once it dried you can clip petal shapes. For center part, I just colored the white paper with a yellow sketch pen and cut a fringed circle. I have used twigs and attached the flowers to it with glue and covered it with embroidery floss. I hope you can see them in pictures. You can use  tissue paper or crepe paper as well. Even drawing paper, just color it & cut the petal shape. Hope you like these pink blossoms!