Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paper Flowers 3

Hello dear friends! Hope you are enjoying the beauty of the changed season. I am just loving it. Since flowers are blooming outside i have decided  to make all my this month posts to be the flowery one.Today I have come up with another form of making flowers using tissue paper. I have seen tissue paper pompoms so much  over the web I made some for my daughter's bed room ...she loved it and enjoyed making them too. Here I am sharing the pictures of  tissue paper flowers we made yesterday. They are fun to make and add lot of colors to the room. Tissue papers comes in different colors. I picked warmer shades for my flowers Hope you have fun making them too.       


  1. Beautiful, So cheerful n colorful too.


  2. wow... again... idid this when i was in 6th std for the march fast .... and i have an obligation... please do remove the "Please prove you're not a robot" part. just a suggestion

  3. Have made big flowers but little cute flowers looks wonderful..Take a look at my flowers when u find time