Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Colors

Hello dear friends... some of you may have already noticed that I am crazy for paper flowers. I am really addicted to flower making these days. It makes me happy so I keep picking new flower related I am showing the wreath I made few days back. I call it my Happy Wreath...why? because it remind me of lovely spring days in this cold November. With lovely red flowers and cute butterflies it look very refreshing. I tried to capture the project with pictures....have a look...

Base of the wreath is made with dry fallen branches from my front yard....gathered and taped with the green floral tape.

Flowers are made with the party streamer using the same method I used here.

Cute birdies out of cardboard already had a lovely blue color on the other side...I just cut the shape and little drawing with black sharpie.

Tweet Tweet birdies...

Happy Weekend to you all !!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Recycle Craft

Recycle Time!!...It's really very satisfying to create something beautiful out of waste....that what my this week project is all about. Last weekend I made these two lovely pieces out of empty wine bottle and a rice sack. I simply cut and glued the sack to the bottle and made some decorative design on top with some ribbon and string leftover. I got some slender branches from outside and glued paper flowers to it...its all done without spending anything..... I have some more recycling ideas coming up soon...but for now take a look at these pretty pieces......

Close view of the designs..

Hope you like it. Have a great weekend everyone.