Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Cute Storage Bin

Hello Dear friends...hope you all are doing well. This year, part of my goal is to organize better and find ways to teach children the same. Its really frustrating when you are searching for things around the house and you can't find it. So I am trying to simplifying things and making designated spots for every thing these days. And where I am going to start first...obviously the kitchen. One of the biggest challenge is to store the plastic grocery bags. I need it all the time for small garbage bins. Earlier I was shoving them in a bigger bag...well not now because I have made a pretty spot for it. So now, as soon as grocery bags come inside the house I fold them and put them in this cute container I made. Once the container is full I just recycle the rest.That way I am not collecting too much. Here are few pictures how I made it ...  

                               I decided to recycle this tomato can...I just painted it and mod podge some flowers on it.

                               Then to cover the top I made a canopy with a construction paper...

                                and its done.

Hope you like the idea... tell me about your organizing ideas I would love to see them ...see you soon

Monday, January 13, 2014

Braided Scarf

Hi there...Hope this new year will bring health and happiness for everyone. So here I am bringing the first post of the month...soft cuddly braided scarf. Its easy and fun to make... all you need is a ball of pompom yarn and a little free time. Here are the pictures to explain...

   Step 1  line up your yarn divide them in equal parts....

 Step 2 Cut the ends and put a rubber band at one end and start braiding

Step 3 Tie up both ends with a yarn. You can add felt flowers or ribbon flowers to deck up

Here is the final look...since I am using pompom yarn you can hardly see the braid and it gives a fluffy look to this scarf

Hope you will like it..see you soon with another diy!