Saturday, October 16, 2010

~ Guest Corner ~

Hello everyone … festival season has already started... Festival of lights, Diwali is just around the corner so I thought how about some beautiful, easy and inexpensive craft ideas for home décor. Simple things with little this and that can freshen up your home and make your home look charming and festive…believe me… all you need is little imagination. Today I am sharing with you the simple craft ideas from my friend and fellow blogger Satrupa, who not only cooks well but writes well also and to see her photography talent you must visit her lovely blog Food For Thought.

I love her idea of creating easy craft with the material easily available in our homes and can be enjoyed with kids too. So here are some simple and beautiful ways to dress up old candle holders for this festival season... using the gunny sack of rice bag, some potpourri and dry flowers and leaves.

See what a difference little jute scrap and flower make to a simple candle holder...

Aren't these candles look beautiful ?

Cozy corner of her living room brightened with dressed up candle holders.

Please feel free to give ideas and /or comments. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. good job deepika,what a idea.......simple and beautiful.

  2. ver nice deepika i always like recycling... that became beautiful here...

  3. The original thoughts and creativity has gone
    with hand to hand in this current presentation. We are celeberating the festivals since civilization started, but any new thought or creative idea spreads the fragrance and charm in life.Well done.
    Satrupa, god bless you. RAM

  4. @Shruti,@g.arulijothi...lovely idea isn't? Thanks to Satrupa for sharing it.

    @Papa...thanks for visiting.

  5. Oh Deepika- your work is so gorgeous! I need to thank Sharon for introducing you to me. Following you!

  6. Deepika i always look forward for the crafts made through recycling and Satrupa's idea is very creative.definitely dressed up candles adds more warmth to the festiveness.

  7. Thanks Deepika for posting this on your lovely space. But I must say that you are the inspiration !!

  8. Lovely!! very creative and eco friendly ..perfect for Diwali or any festival!!