Thursday, October 28, 2010

Festival time-2

Who does not love festival season? Festivals bring the feeling of joy and warmth… a sudden sense of happiness and freshness come with them. Diwali, the festival of lights not only brightens our houses but illuminates our hearts also. Festivals always pushed me back to the childhood memories… of wearing new clothes, visiting friends& family, enjoying delicious meals and eating yummy sweets without counting :))

I remember how the houses were beautifully adorned with lights, flowers and rangolis on Diwali. I recollect my mother busy cleaning up the house, polishing brass lamps,buying new clay figurine of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha…decorating the door steps with aipans, lighting clay diyas and hanging new bandanwaar on the entrance door…so keeping up with the tradition I made a bandanwaar for my home and planning to do some aipans too which I will post later...but for now I am sharing my new bandanwaar idea. Hope you will like it.

First I cut some cardboard shapes…

Then I made some strings with the party streamers by twisting them as you can see in the picture…

Then I glued them on the cardboard shapes.

Then I made some roses with streamer and glued it to the finished shapes...

Braided some more streamers...

Glued the finished shape to the braid...

it's ready now...

can be used for wall decoration...

Your comments and/or suggestions are welcome here. Have a happy weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.


  1. this is beautiful,love ur ideas:)

  2. Your hard work, imagination and perseverance reflects in your art. Like always this one also is a lovely piece.


  3. OMG...Kudos to you for such a great work and kind of patience that you have to complete this craft work. I’m really happy to see such kind of display, keep up the good work.

  4. wonderful idea :) just 1 small tip... always keep the final pic at the top of the post. people who have you on their blogroll will only see the 1st pic ..

  5. Deepawali is coming, let us enjoy this festival of light with a sense of hope and joy. Your creativity and thought of doing something new is commendable. Let the small lamps create light to make our life more bright and colorful. Best wishes, happy Deepawali. RAM

  6. beautiful, simple and useful decorative pieces...

  7. very neat job n nice decoration idea for diwali

  8. this us so creative and so beautiful

  9. Hi Deepika..
    loved your crafty ideas , was reminded of all the crafts i used to do in my younger days.
    Great blog !!!

  10. Deepika---another gorgeous GEM from you....I love it! Happy Dhanteras...I hope you'll put up a post tomorrow so I'll wish you happy diwali then...


    PS: I'm not getting updates on my google reader and I seem to have missed a few of your it just me or is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  11. Thanks for dropping by and also for following :) I'm already following you!

  12. very pretty and colourful.