Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Handmade Doll

Hello Everyone

Can’t believe…March has already begun and weather seems doing better now here in East Coast. I am enjoying the bright day today while writing this post. I am eagerly waiting for the summer, hope it will come soon. I can’t wait to pack all the heavy jackets, coats and boots but I still have to wait for a month or so. My miss sunshine is back to school after her week long vacation, house seems little quieter now. So I decided to write this post because my little one is napping after his lunch. In my previous post I promised to share with you the craft work I did with miss sunshine…

We made a sock doll/ cloth doll together. My mother made me one when I was little. I remember playing with it and asking my mother to make cute little dresses for my doll…. So I thought let’s make one for my little miss sunshine…. its like a perfect little project that I can do with her and I was right… the whole time she was curious and excited that how her doll going to look like ….well all I can say we enjoyed our time together…One important thing I would like to mention here is, Yes you can certainly buy these kind of stuffed toys from the stores but doing it yourself was a great experience and on top you are doing this with your loved ones…

I hope you will like it too and by the way she named her “Star light”. I have attempted to document the process, scroll down and see by your self.

Isn't she CUTE!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Of course 'Star Light' is a cutie ... a gr8 DIY. So next time I look at my old socks I know how to make better use of it.
    Very detailed steps .... I am gonna try this soon :)


  2. OMG..she is such a cutie pie, thanks for this tutorial. I can teach my son to do a boy doll for himself.

  3. A great DIY !..You are welcome to my CSN giveaway :)

  4. hand made doll with sunshine... very cute... sunshine and star light... perfect names

  5. Lovely DIY Deepi !!! And star light is a cute and different name ....!!
    Ahhh ,,,, Reminds me of my childhood days - when mom used to sew dresses from scrap material for my favorite doll.. I had several sets of dresses with matching jewellery, to dress her up... ;-) ;-)

  6. adorable! i made one of these in primary school :)
    i used to pester my mom to no end and she used to make me fabulous clothes for my barbie dolls, i loved them all!

  7. awesome DIY.. :)
    Will def try making 1 for my daughter

  8. oh my.. goodness!! thats the most gorgeous doll.. what a lovely DIY.. I'll surely try this in the summer

  9. wow so cute ,i gonna try this with my son,.

  10. Wow, this is too cute. I am a follower. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  11. hey, we use to make that dolls out of old cloths as kid.Infact some of my grand ma's friends used to make very beautiful dolls for us. You have done very gud use of old socks n not to forget very neatly done.

  12. Super like!! Totally loved this one.. Thank you for linking in.. to Made with Love.. Featured this on Colours Dekor FB page.. today..

    Once again.. thank you for sharing this..