Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Creations

Hello Friends!

I hope this week is treating you well. Sometimes I wonder where these days are flying…I just wanted to be sure that it is just not me alone who is having this experience…for me this week was super duper busy and reason is …

My little miss sunshine was home all day long due to her one week winter break. Here are the glimpses of her everyday activities… SHE gets out of bed as the sun rises… brushes her teeth…. drinks her milk without any complaints…eats breakfast,lunch and dinner without any tantrums… does her reading and writing sheets on time… keeps her color box and books where they should be …and plays well with the little brother without any fight …Oops whatever I mentioned above happens only in my dreams…These week long vacations always come silently and turned my house up side down…here is the candid confession of an exhausted mother......
So little miss sunshine gets out of bed with a question : how many episodes of “Eloise” she can watch on Netflix….she drinks milk with a condition that she will not be eating whole breakfast as she is full.... lunch and dinners are welcomed with different pouts depending on what is being cooked…colors and books all over the floor…Thank God! no more paper snow flakes that phase is over …. jumping on the bed has become a ritual it seems that she and her little brother do religiously and fighting over a toy.....ughh. I am sure mommies out there know what I am talking about.
And when her little brother sleeps she always comes up with an idea to do something…."Let do some craft work Maa…I will be a Good Girl...I promise…I promise…lets do some craft together pleazzzzzz…." Who can say NO now! so we did some craft work together that turned little sunshine very happy and she promised to do all her things on time. Any ways this is my side of story … here I am sharing with you the things that turned her so happy and will share our craft work in my next post…

Ribbons and bows made old things new.....easy and don't take much time too...

some ribbon roses and bows made with cloth scraps, embroidery threads and little sequin made simple hair bands look lovely ....

That's all for now... Have a great weekend eveyone!!


  1. Very creative nd animating too!I luv the idea of Face-lifting,now I can also make different kind of Hair bands for my little diva.

  2. lovely...

    Will you be sharing step by step instructions...?

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  4. Accessories look so cute and beautiful.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Damn !! How could I miss this post. Ok blame it on the fussy husband ;-)
    Damn cute accessories .... Adorable !


  6. oh wow!! Deepti.. these are simply gorgeous!! Well done... Well done!!