Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

!! Happy New Year!!

Yes, I am back again… back to the blogging world after a long break …well rested, fresh and so ready to blog again after two months of long vacation. The trip was great, as always too short ;-)… meeting family and friends, you don’t realize how weeks passed by… I’m sure you guys must have had the same experience. I had a wonderful time and so did the little ones… hubby dear was glad too, as my shopping frenzy was in control, so no JOOR ka JHATKA on his pocket this time ;-)) now I am out of my vacation hangover and so excited to join my fellow bloggers...

It’s unbelievable that January already gone. Connecticut is hit by the snowstorm… AGAIN!! I know, I know… it’s winter of the east coast and it’s supposed to be cold during this time of the year...”Get used to it”…

But seriously it’s too much snow outside and inside of the house!! yup…you read it right it’s inside also…and you know why because my darling daughter has just learnt how to make paper snowflakes and all the school closings (due to bad weather) are aptly used by cutting papers to make snowflakes and guess what am I doing …cleaning up the paper mess:-((

Now you know why I am so longing for the dear sunshine…too much snow…too cold and grey sky ...yuck!! though my heart reminding me of Shelly’s famous line “If the winter comes, shall spring be far behind “…and I am kinda optimistic after groundhog’s prediction of a six week early spring as he could not see his shadow on The Groundhog Day…so let’s hope this brutal winter will end soon…I better stop troubling my self and start enjoying the bliss of chai, it is comforting for the weary winter like this one and for you my dear friends some snap shots of my India trip… so enjoy but do stop by next Thursday to see my new DIY...

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Welcome back !! I missed u in the blogsphere. Luved the write up .... Nice Clicks too

  2. Clicks are great, welcome back . Have a great weekend.

    Hamaree Rasoi