Friday, March 20, 2015

Needle Book

Hello Dear Friends...Welcome to my blog. Today, I am going to share with you the latest additon to my sewing kit or should I say,a sewing purse kit! 

My daughter was no longer liking this cute little leapfrog purse, so I took it gladly and turned it into my sewing kit.Though everthing was neatly organized in it but, I was not happy with the way I was keeping my needles...  

not tidy at all, adding to this I was losing them too. Everytime, I used it, I told myself you better keep them nicely. 

 Finally, I took this project and made a cute little needle book. It didn't take me long to finish it because  I used my trusted glue gun....yeah I know very classy of me to make a needle book with glue gun. The only sewing I did is to attach to small felt rectangles to the bigger one (as in the picture below)  rest is covered with ribbon using hot glue gun. 

Now everything is under control and I don't have to waste my time searching for loose needles.

 Yipee!! one thing off from my checklist. So if you are storing your needles like I was, make yourself a cute little needle book. It is so much better this way!

That's all for this time, I will catch up with in my next post. Here is the link to  Pinterest Boards. Hope you'll enjoy the beauty of cute little needle books. 


  1. very nice idea and cute too... should make one.... what to do now a days i'm very lazy....

  2. It is really good idea and everything in one place looks and works much better for me. Thanks for coming by Arul.

  3. Wow what a fantastic way to keep your needles organized..

  4. Thanks @Pinkz Passion and Vasudha..yeah this idea is working so well for me. I am planning to make more.Glad I saw it on Pinterest and more important I took time to make it.