Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Viva Mexico

Hello dear friends!.....Hope everything going well at your end. Here are some lovely images from the book( i talked before) Viva Mexico, the folk arts by George Ancona. Some images are not very sharp, sorry about that. I am totally in love with these wonderful hand embroidered dress. Filigreed gold necklace hang heavily on embroidered blouse and skirt. Amazing hand work isn't it?

Embroidered dress from Yucatan areas of Mexico.All the colorful flowers popping out from the white base dress.

carved wooden shapes painted with brilliant colors and the detail work is simply amazing  I love the blue base of this vase.

Swift and nimble fingers weaving colored stripes into a toy airplane. This picture reminded me of the straw work I have seen many times in Indian craft fairs.

 Papel Picado 

Mexican paper artist and crafts people spend many hours making something that will disappear in few seconds.A fiesta started with papel picado. Sheets of colored tissue paper with images stamped out on them string together across street, plazas, rooms. I liked the way they did the border of the designs in these images.Their paper art and the intricate details are amazing.

Hope you like this little glimpse of Mexican art and craft world.