Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy Dots

Hello dear friends...enjoying the Monday morning? Sun has finally come out, after much rain last night so I am happy today..hoping to enjoy a bright day. How was yours Mother's day? Mine went well....I called my some handmade goodies from Miss sunshine and lot of hugs &kisses from my little boy. I made brownies and enjoyed it with them.... memories of childhood kept flashing inside me. I am enjoying their age and talk... but they are growing so fast. Anyways, last week I made this crazy dot pattern on an empty bottle...I think its looking good with the paper flowers I made. I have seen some gorgeous painted bottles.... I guess on Color Caravan's face book page. I hope to paint some detailed work in near future. But right now I am fine with this one.

These flowers adding a fresh look to my computer table:))....Have a nice day !


  1. dots make a new look, cool. Ram

  2. lovely flowers and cute painted bottle :) creative one..please put tutorial for flowers would be useful...:)

  3. Wow!
    Pretty flowers, Nice bottle painting.

  4. oh wow!! what an easy idea.. The dots make it look very pretty.. Have given it a new look and feel altogether.. lovely!! :)