Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Floral designs

While cleaning up my closet last week, I found this wooden shape purchased from our local dollar store long back. So as usual imagination took its flight and I was ready to draw with my pencil. After picking and rejecting few ideas, I finally settled for some floral pattern …which I used to draw in my school days. Drawing and colouring a design using lotus flower petals and leaves inside a geometrical shape…...was usually the assignment we get by our Art teacher at school. So I thought why not…...I sharpened the pencil draw some lotus and leaves painted it with the colour of my choice........Voila!!! and to my surprise got a Good Job sticker from my daughter :-)

After completing the floral design I was just wondering, what a difference colors can make, be it a painting on a piece of wood or human life...

A close-up view:

Another design...

This one is done on drawing paper with Acrylic paint...

After finishing the design I cut the shape and glued it to my daughter's old Frisbee :-)

A close-up view:

This one is done on drawing book...

A close-up view :
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  1. There is a reason to wait for Thursday's now ..... yah it's for watching this amazing space.
    So true ..... colors make all the difference in our lives !
    Keep the good work flowing .....


  2. bhabhi ,
    take a bow
    aap to champ ho .....tshirt me bhi banao ... if u r interested in these type of advanced things ... i can introduce u to my younger brother who has almost same hobby as u and he is also a champ .....

  3. Hey Deepi kya bat hai.....u again live your artist hobbi.....good keep it up

  4. One word to describe..."STUPENDOUS"
    Keep it up...

  5. I wonder why you have not yet started do marvel on Canvas, I am sure you will do the wonders ! Great.

  6. Thank you everyone for lovely comments!!

  7. Beautiful....one word says it all :)....
    Keep going.

  8. Your childhood creativity has been reflected in strokes of brush. Original and satisfying. The saying goes on " In every adult hides a child ", the old child is out with brush and paint. good job. RAM

  9. hi deepika,
    thanks for stopping by my blog.You have a lovely blog here,glad to meet you.I love your drawings and coloring,i too love this type of intricate drawings:))

  10. Wow ! Can't wait to see upcoming art-work !

  11. That must have been the loveliest Frisbee in the world:-) I did a similar work on the wooden plates that are available at IKEA.Great job Deepika!

  12. Wooden Plate ...that's a good idea... I will try that out...thanks Padmaja