Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hearty Meal

Hello friends ..I am writing my first post of March, can't believe how quickly February passed. Weather is cold and dry here. Hopefully, March will bring some comfort from this dreary weather. I noticed some daffodils blossoming in my neighborhood today. So I hope, Spring will arrive soon. When weather is cold, I turned to more hearty and warming dishes and preferably one pot meal. That 's what I am cooking more these days.  Hearty and healthy, I like making Dalia Pulav (Broken Wheat)  with lots of veggies. I prefer to add apple too with veggies for crunch. Here is the link to the video that you can see, hope you will like it.       

Broken Wheat with onion, garlic, tomatoes,carrot and  cabbage
 Kids loved it all goodies served in one bowl !

    And yummy Banana Bread for tea time....really good recipe from Martha Stewart's website. Here is the link 

Hope you will give it a try...I will be writing my next post soon! 

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