Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Butterflies & Mushrooms

Hi I have come with a simple and beautiful idea. After my experiment with salt dough few month back, I got crayola clay from a craft store. I started the work thinking that I would make a bigger piece of Maa Durga this time but ended up making cute tiny mushrooms, birdies and other trinkets. Later, I saw this delightful project in a blog. I really like the simplicity of it so I made these beautiful butterfly pieces using crayola clay as base. With some branches and butterfly cut outs the project was done. This project is real simple. You can go to this link to see the inspiration behind this project. Here is my version of it. Hope you like it.

Cute mushroom...I painted them with acrylic color..

base is made crayola clay, dented with a straw to give it a nice texture....twigs are inserted on it.. after 2-3 days it turned solid (i used air dry clay) and twigs were fixed on the base...

some butterfly prints glued to it and job done!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. awesome work Deepi. you are immensely creative.

  2. Beautiful work... The mushrooms look cute...!!

  3. what a wonderful idea to decorate the space...great work

  4. very creative and it looks beautiful...following you:)

  5. They look great:) I wanted to try again:)It is a very good idea to use clay for base...

    I like it and I really thank you for nice words and link...
    Have a great week..