Monday, July 1, 2013

Jewelry making in July

Its first day of July, I wonder how swiftly the time passes. With kids at home all the time it seems to fly in a blink. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Me and my daughter had fun going to a craft store and picking up some craft items which we are going to show here. I picked more jewelry related items...I never thought of making it before ...but I got interested in it when my daughter picked a mixed bead box last I am making few pieces for myself. Remember this post where I have used wooden beads on a sandal...I made these two pieces of jewelry pieces using the left over beads and adding some metallic ones.....I guess they will look good with my Indian dresses. I love the green one...looks so fresh....

Have a wonderful week friends.

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  1. A feast of colors, good imagination and nice creation. RAM