Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recycle Craft

Hello you all are doing? I am just waiting for weekend to come... as days are getting brighter and warmer... now its fun to take kids out to play. Its thursday today and time to post my weekly project....and this time I turned empty egg trays into colourful hangings. This project was lot of fun to do... as miss sunshine joined me too. It is an easy and fun craft and can be enjoyed with kids ...mine loves to paint so I let her paint and she picked all the bright colours for the project... so suitable for spring spirit and with little this and that it look pretty and colourful... What do you say?

I started with cutting egg you can see in picture above..

Then add some colour ...

what a change.... looking a lot better now...

I added some designs...just lines and dots..

some beads to make it look more pretty...

Then I attached it to the plastic ring with yarn (cardboard can be used too) and its ready...

Here is another one I made using the same method using single colour...

Hope you like it. I love recycle craft... and its even better when you can enjoy it with your kids. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Loved the recycled craft ..... a wonderful idea to deck up the porch this summer :)

  2. Beautiful thought awesome work

  3. Deepika, it looks wonderful! And such a well timed post too--it being Earth day!

    As always, in awe of your talent!

  4. Highly imaginative and cute. RAM

  5. Thanks so much for your visit on my blog, many compliments for this work, I love this kind of works as you can see on my blog.
    I will try this with my kids, thanks for sharing!

    Happy Easter,

  6. Really wounderful idea.
    Looking so good.

  7. I always used to wonder if we can put these egg crates to some good use.. Am glad to have found it here.... Your work is very beautiful...!!

    Enjoy the Weekend...!!

  8. we never know that egg trays are also useful ,good work ....thanks for sharing.