Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Days

Hello!! Hope you all are doing well. I love snow for sure but who doesn't? We woke up to this beautiful morning scene last week.Cool weather and white snowy blanket everywhere. My kids love snow and all the fun it brings. I mostly like to go out and witness the magical wonderland quietly. But this time, snowball fight with kids was so much fun. And I realize its good to have that kind of fun with kids on regular basis. I am going to implement that in my life.

     Do you like this yarn? I loved the cute pink color with little bit of neon green shade....

I made these boot topper for my daughter during Christmas break. I loved this ribbed crochet stitch for two reasons first, its super easy to learn  and second, it gives a knitted look which I like a lot. I have tried this stitch with solid gray yarn too and it look more beautiful with solid color. I learned this stitch from my favourite resource" you tube". I am linking the original source for you. It is easier to learn when you watch it...stop anytime you like or go over again. Here is the link to the awesome tutorial. I used the solid yarn on top as I ran out of the base color but its giving a kind of sock look to it. Now, I am thinking about making a scraf for myself using the same stitch. I am kind of obsessed with crocheting these days. Do you remember the easy peasy braided scraf, I made few years ago in the picture?. Here is a link to it as well.

That is all for now, I see you soon here!
Love Deepi


  1. very nice boot topper.... enjoy the snow deepi

  2. Hi Deepi! Just found your lovely blog and signed in :-). These boot toppers are great! ♥ Wonderful colors. I hope the snow is away meanwhile and you can enjoy some spring weather! Sunny greetings, Nata