Friday, January 18, 2013


Hello Dear ....I know you all must be ready to enjoy your too. But my hand will be and should be busy cleaning up my craft needs some serious attention.  I need to do some sorting and organizing. I guess sometimes in taking care of other things, I tend to neglect my craft supplies and related things, and most of the time I just shove them in big poly bags...and then things are out of sight so out of mind.This is something, I am going to change this weekend. Fingers crossed.

 But for now I want to share these cute origami boxes that I have made. I guess these are great for giving small gift items and keeping small things like pins and paper clips in order. I have used construction paper and papers from old books and magazine to make them. Here is the link that has a easy demo ...hope you will enjoy.


  1. haha... every body has the cleaning corner deepi....
    the origami boxes are very cute and thanks for the link

  2. Hey, that's really cool and smart idea of using paper origami. Love the boxes...

  3. Hi, it is nice to see the new ideas and colorful visuals.
    Keep it up.